Why Martial Arts?

 Most people lead very busy lives and as a result, never seem to find the time to do healthy things, like getting enough exercise. Even when they do, they rarely keep at it, simply because “going to the gym” gets boring or becomes less challenging. This is why practicing martial arts is a GREAT alternative because you are constantly learning new skills and abilities, so it never gets monotonous or old. And, not only will the activity be a great means of working out, but it can relieve stress better than using a treadmill or stationary cycle, and the self-defense aspect shouldn’t be overlooked either. What more can you ask for? Martial arts can provide a way to help shed any excess pounds, gain strength and endurance, increase your self-confidence, as well as enable you with the ability to protect yourself and your loved ones. It's the perfect alternative when it comes to choosing a physical activity. 


What Goes On In Kickboxing?

 In our Adult Kickboxing classes, our focus is primarily combative techniques. We've combined elements of American and Khmer Kickboxing (Pradal Serey/Muay Thai) with what is commonly referred to as "MMA" into a curriculum that is geared toward combative situations, as well as sport style scenarios. If you are serious about practical self-defense and a good workout, and not so big on traditional belt rankings or forms/katas, this is the class for you! Because this particular class is very "striking" intensive, we offer this program to anyone that is age 12 and up. If you or your child is younger than age 12, you might want to check out our Junior Kuk Sool or Li'l Warrior programs, as they offer a wider range of techniques to hone in addition to strikes.

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