Why Martial Arts?

Most people lead very busy lives and as a result, never seem to find the time to do healthy things, like getting enough exercise. Even when they do, they rarely keep at it, simply because “going to the gym” gets boring or becomes less challenging. This is why practicing martial arts is a GREAT alternative because you are constantly learning new skills and abilities, so it never gets monotonous or old. And, not only will the activity be a great means of working out, but it can relieve stress better than using a treadmill or stationary cycle, and the self-defense aspect shouldn’t be overlooked either. What more can you ask for? Martial arts can provide a way to help shed any excess pounds, gain strength and endurance, increase your self-confidence, as well as enable you with the ability to protect yourself and your loved ones. It's the perfect alternative when it comes to choosing a physical activity.


What is Kuk Sool?

The short answer is that it's a combination of several Korean martial art styles that allow a practitioner to learn many categories under the martial arts umbrella. A Korean mixed martial art, in other words. This grants the practitioner the ability to become well-rounded and also keeps the training regiment interesting and challenging. The romantic origins of Kuk Sool date back to the very beginning of Korea, starting with “Sah Doh Mu Sool” which means family or tribal martial art. The next martial art to develop was “Koong Joong Mu Sool,” or “Royal Court Martial Art.” Shortly afterwards came “Bull Gyo Mu Sool,” which refers to the martial arts practiced in the Buddhist temples during ancient times. These are the three segments of Korean martial arts history from which the techniques of Kuk Sool are said to be derived. Kuk Sool is recognized as an extensive martial arts system which is based on the rich and varied martial art techniques and traditions that have arisen in Korea throughout the ages. Technically, Kuk Sool is not only considered a sport nor is it simply another oriental self-defense method, but it is also a comprehensive martial art that is dedicated to the cultivation of mental and physical well-being and to the preservation of traditional Korean Martial Arts. For self-defense, Kuk Sool is formidable! It combines various kicking and hand-striking, throwing, falling, choking, joint-locking, and weapons techniques into a beautiful and dynamic style that emphasizes speed and fluidity. Philosophically, Kuk Sool stresses humility, self discipline, loyalty and respect for others. Together, all of these aspects allow Kuk Sool to provide the means for attaining a long and healthy life.


Class Types

We offer Kuk Sool classes to anyone ages 4 and up! Ages 12 and up are in the Adult Class. Ages 7 to 11 are in our Junior Class. Ages 4 to 6 are in our Li'l Warrior Class.


Junior Classes

As you can see, our programs cover an extensive variety of martial art techniques, but it is not merely concerned with methods of attack & defense. Mental development is of equal importance and certain aspects of the training help to instill confidence and self-discipline, as well as emphasize the ethical and philosophical values which are usually associated with the character of a martial artist. Junior classes are exciting lessons designed for the unique needs of our younger martial art students. Ample attention is given each student based on their abilities, needs, and learning levels. Tremendous emphasis is placed on respect, dedication, hard work, and having fun while learning. Each lesson reinforces respect for one's family, school, and country, as well as martial arts. Training safely, a priority in all classes, is of the utmost importance in the Junior classes.


Li'l Warriors

Just like our Junior classes, our Li'l Warriors classes are designed with specific intent. In these classes, the values of the Junior classes will be instilled with much more private attention to each student, so that the proper foundation is built. This foundation will entail a focus on correct body positioning, learning the correct stances and terminology, and development of the coordination needed to prepare them to flourish in the Junior classes.

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